DJ Taylor – COVID-19 Journal

Hi, folks.  These are surely strange times and “normal” seems both a distant memory and a dream for the future.

Yesterday I went to pick up my online order from the grocery story.  I pulled into the parking space and called the number to let them know I had arrived.  I pulled my bandana over my face and went to the trunk to await my delivery.  Glancing to each side, I noted two others wearing their bandanas.  It occurred to me that we looked like the Sam Bass Gang returning to their old stomping grounds; sure was happy that no one mistook us for the bad guys.  I drove away unfettered and unharmed.

The routine of staying mainly to home can be boring, especially for those who are extroverts and accustomed to personal interactions.  Board games are once again in vogue and the family vocabularies are improving as Scrabble rivalries have many of us perusing the dictionary for new words to spring upon our opponents.

I try to keep an optimistic and open mind, even as I shudder at the toll, confident that we will all get through this somehow and hopefuly come out more aware and more appreciative of our world, our community and our relationships with loved ones, kindred spirits and humanity as a whole.

Everyone take care and stay safe!


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