James Robinson – COVID-19 Journal

undefinedWell, Kathy is really ahead of the curve, since she has been teaching an online course for four years. While all of her colleagues are struggling to put their courses together, hers has been rocking along as normal!

I miss going out and seeing the kids a lot, but other than that, I am embarrassed to say that “sheltering-in-place” is not that much different than my normal lifestyle. I read, I study, I  cook, I watch a little TV, and I play on my computer.

Shopping is a bit of a challenge, since the Seniors-shopping hours are only Tuesday or Thursday,  and very early. What I find very interesting is the objects that are missing from the store shelves, and how that changes from week-to-week. Of course, toilet paper is always out (though I cannot figure out why for the life of me!), but one week, there were absolutely no potatoes, and the next week, potatoes were there but absolutely no celery or carrots. Milk and eggs are frequently sold out (why? Why hoard something that spoils?).  Soup and rice was all gone one week and just limited the next. Last week, all the canned tomatoes were gone. Shredded cheese also comes and goes. One week, there was no chicken to be had, and the next week, it was beef. This all makes no sense to me, but it is interesting to observe.

Mary and I did toy with the idea of producing an annotated TM presentation using a microphone and camera (this is how Kathy does her online courses), and giving that to the teachers for their online schooling efforts. The problem with doing that is: a) the kids cannot see the artifacts and that is a big part of TM, and b) if we are any good at this, the schools will stop asking us to come at all!

On a personal note, we brought my granddaughter here from Florida for Spring Break, and while she was here, her Spring Break went to two weeks! We didn’t mind that, and were prepared to help her through the online schooling, but her Mom wanted her back, so we braved Love Field to get her on a plane. Her flight only had 11 people!! But, she is home safe and doing well.

Hopefully, this will all be over soon, and we can all get back to meeting the public.


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