Thoughts on COVID-19

As president of the Sanger Area Historical Society and being responsible for the museum, I made a decision 5 weeks ago to close the museum for that particular Saturday.  The weather was not good and I thought probably no one would come to visit.  I drove to Sanger, and put a sign on the front of the museum that we would be closed until further notice.  I was thinking we may be closed 2 weekends, but here we are five weeks later and I don’t think we are going to be open for a long time.  I live in Dallas county and they have extended the self-isolation to late May and perhaps that is not even going to be long enough.

I worry about the healthcare workers, and the people that have lost their jobs.  The small businesses are really going to be hurt.  As tough as this is to go through, I am fortunate to be retired with a steady income and a home to live.  Hopefully the grocery supplies will continue, but then who knows what will happen.  I am trying to help a few people that I know who may be in need.  I have had several calls from people checking on their “elderly” friend to see if I needed anything.  We are separated now in our daily lives, but we seem to be coming together. 

Tona Batis


Sanger Area Historical Society

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