Joyce DeWitt – COVID-19 Journal

I’m retired, & staying at home isn’t a challenge except for not being able to see my 8 & 5 year old grandsons. I usually see them at least twice a month, if not more. They love stories & especially ones I make up for them. So I’ve been writing a book & reading it to them on Facetime, a chapter or two at a time. It’s about a world of friendly dragons that they find living deep under their back yard, and is called “The World Beneath our Feet.” I have 11 chapters so far & it has really been fun. I also videotape myself reading other books to them, showing them the pictures.  I’ve been putting arts and crafts things together to mail to them, just color sheets I print off, and ideas. I send along colored paper, stickers & other flat things that fit in a big envelope because I’m not going to the post office. Their mom and dad are doing a great job home schooling them and keeping them busy but they can always use the help!

    I’ve also been reading my own books, doing word puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, shopping online, talking to friends and family, and I plan to work in the yard when the weather gets better. I will provide get around to cleaning out a drawer or closet or two.

   The concerns I have are for all of the people who are suffering, our stressed healthcare workers, first responders, and all essential workers such as our grocery store and pharmacy employees. I’m worrying about the economy but I have high hopes that things will settle out quickly. Two things I can do are to pray over this and stay positive. Here are some pop up cards I made & sent to the boys. I also made 2 each of the Easter story pictures for them to color & either put together in order with string like in a chain, or glue in order on a poster.

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