COVID-19 Stories April 22, 2020

Linda Turner

Shelter at-home projects.  Working indoors and out. My violets, and one of the many plants in my yard. The weather has been beautiful and that is such a blessing.

My dog Rudy knows his treats are on the bottom shelf. I cleaned and organized my pantry and found I had all the ingredients to make salsa, and cookies.

Missy Adair

Hello! Fate has seen fit to enliven my routine covid19 home existence with a challenge. Keeping alive a tiny baby possum.  I just went on a long walk with my dog. We were turning back when he found a possum mama with babies who had met with a terrible accident. There were dead babies fallen around her. I could do nothing for her but there was one baby stubbornly alive. I detached it from its mother and walked a quick half mile back to my SUV.  He’s isolating with me now.  I’ve tried to feed him and tucked him up in hay with a heating pad. 

Nick Saraceni

As I got off the jet way and entered the Love Field terminal, DPS officers had us fill out a form telling where we will be for the next 14 days.

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